Plastic Pail Maintenance And Storage Tips

Posted on: 1 May 2020


Are cleanup and organizational needs affecting your productivity level at each job that you are responsible for? If you tend to mix paint colors and pour liquid ingredients into pails, you may be disheartened at the end of each day. Cleaning pails out or discovering that loose items are missing can be a setback. Incorporate a new routine, which will cut down your cleaning needs, plus will ensure that small materials and equipment are accounted for.

Purchase New Pails And Use Liners

The equipment that you are using can be contributing to the issues that you are experiencing, especially if the pails have caked on substances along their interior walls. Invest in a new set of plastic pails and assign each pail for one distinct job duty. Buy pails that will be large enough to hold the materials that you need for each work-related task.

In addition, look for containers that each contain a lipped edge or that have printed measurements on their exteriors. These special features will make it easier for you to pour paint or another liquid and will aid in adding the proper amount of a product into one of the pails. The key to keeping your new supplies clean is adding a liner to each one. A waterproof liner will form a barrier, which will prevent paint or another liquid from staining one of the pail's interiors.

Separate And Store

When you are busy and pressed for time, you may wind up using a hose to rinse out each pail. After restacking wet pails, they can become stuck together. The moisture inside of a pail can act like a seal and make it difficult to separate each container. If you place a piece of timber or a brick in the bottom of each pail, you can stack the pails together and will find it easy to separate the containers, when it is time for you to use the pails for another job.

Another option is to clean and dry each pail and then use some of the containers to store the materials that you will need during an upcoming job assignment. Arrange the weighted pails along the back of your truck's bed or along the edge of a flatbed trailer that is being used to haul essential materials to a worksite.

Thread one end of a bungee cord through the handles of the pails. Secure each side of the bungee cord to a hook that is located on each side of the area that is being used to store the materials. The bungee cord will hold the pails in place and prevent your materials from spilling out.

Reach out to a plastic pails manufacturer for more information.