How An SCR System Can Help You Operate Your Water Tube Boiler In A Better Way

Posted on: 11 May 2020


If your business uses one or more water tube boilers for powering equipment throughout the facility, then you should think about investing in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system for each water tube boiler. Of course, many facilities run their boilers without installing an SCR system at all. However, an SCR system can help you operate your water tube boiler in a better way. Consider investing in one of these systems for these reasons and more.

Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Water Tube Boiler

Your business might have spent a lot of money on purchasing your water tube boiler. If possible, you probably want your water tube boiler to last for many years to come. Additionally, even though maintenance is a necessity and repair issues are probably going to pop up from time to time, you will probably want to reduce how often you have to work on your water tube boiler.

Using an SCR system can actually help with this. The SCR can help you preserve your boiler by preventing excessive wear and tear. This can, in turn, prevent parts from wearing out as quickly, which could result in repair issues and necessary replacements. With the help of an SCR, you might not have to worry about your water tube boiler being as unreliable, and you can avoid the costs of constant repairs or an early replacement. Plus, you can prevent the impact on your company's day-to-day operations that would go along with your water tube boiler shutting down unexpectedly or having to be shut down for repairs.

Reduce Energy Costs for Your Water Tube Boiler

Next, you should think about how much it costs your company to run your water tube boiler. Energy costs can be high, particularly if you have one or more powerful water tube boilers that run all day and all night. If you have an SCR system in place, you can reduce how much energy is required to keep your water tube boiler up and running. The cost savings can be significant over time, even when you factor in the cost of the SCR system itself.

Ensure Your Water Tube Boiler Is Operating at the Appropriate Level of Power

It might seem as if having the most powerful water tube boiler possible is a good thing. If you are attempting to power equipment that requires a lot of power, then this might be the case. If you aren't, though, using an SCR system to maintain the appropriate level of power can be a good thing.

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