Selecting The Right Rescue Saw Blade For The Situation And Material

Posted on: 12 May 2020


Firefighters have many tools at their disposal to effect a rescue or to gain entry into a building or vehicle. One of those tools is a rotary saw that can cut through many different materials, but it is crucial the right blade is on the saw or it may not be effective on the material that needs cut.

Rescue Saws and Blades

The most common heavy-duty firefighter rescue saw blade in use by most fire-rescue departments is a diamond blade because it is durable and can cut through almost anything. The blade needs to be the right size for the saw, so it is vital that you check the saw before you purchase any blades.

The rotary saw used by many departments is a gas-powered saw with the blade set out in from of the engine. The saw is heavy, but is extremely versatile, sometimes being used to cut through steel doors, open a car, or cut through the roof of a house. 

The blades used on these saws range from seven-inch diameter blades to as much as twelve-inch blades. There are metal blades, concrete and masonry blades, carbide blades, and diamond blades available for the saw. Changing the blade can take time, so most fire departments use a single carbide or diamond blade that will handle any job they throw at it.

Getting the Right Blade

When you are looking for heavy-duty fire rescue saw blades, it is essential that you get a blade made for the use of the fire service. You can buy similar style blades at a lot of home centers and hardware stores, but the blades are not nearly as durable, and they are not intended for use under the conditions that a fire department will use them in. 

A blade made for this type of work should come from a vendor that understands the saw it will run on, and the work it will have to do. Often the best source for heavy-duty fire rescue saw blades is the saw manufacturer or a company that specializes in blades for extreme cutting. 

These blades are expensive, especially if you are using diamond blades, and breaking a blade while trying to effect a rescue is not acceptable. The blades you select must be the best quality, and if you talk with the company making these blades, they can recommend a blade made specifically for your department's needs.

Some of these companies manufacture entire lines of blades that are made specifically for firefighters and rescue workers, so they can get the work done when it needs to be.

For more information, contact a heavy-duty fire rescue saw blade supplier.