Optimizing You Work Flow And Packaging With Folding Carton Gluers

Posted on: 22 June 2020


Businesses that offer a product packaged in a box or carton often need a resource to make the packaging process more efficient. Hiring someone to sit and fold boxes is not practical, but optimizing your system with a machine like a folding carton gluer can speed up the packaging and get your product into your customer's hands faster.

Carton Machines

Often companies that use a lot of cartons in the packaging of their product have custom cartons made for them. The most efficient way to order the cartons is as a flat, unfolded shape that is printed and ready to be assembled. Putting the flats into a machine like a folding carton gluer makes assembling the cartons much more manageable. 

The machine runs the cartons through a high-speed belt that has rollers that fold the sections of the carton together as it runs through the machine. The edge of the carton gets glue applied as the carton runs through the machine, and then the sides are connected. 

The glue is formulated to dry fast, so by the time the cartons come out of the machine, the glue is dry, and the carton is ready to be used. In most cases, all that remains is to fold the box into the correct shape, fill it with the product, and close the box's ends. This can be done by hand or with a packaging machine, but until the flat is folded and glued into the right shape, the carton will not properly hold the product.

Pre-Glued Cartons

For businesses that are small and do not need folding carton gluers in house, the process can be completed before the cartons ship to you. The carton manufacturer often has the equipment to glue up the cartons for you, but the cartons' price may be a little higher if they glue and fold them for you. 

If you are considering buying premade cartons, talk to the company you are working with to see if they offer folding and gluing and how it will affect the lead time to get your cartons and the cost of the product. 

Large companies producing a high volume of products and shipping them quickly cannot take the time to make their cartons, so they often order them as assembled cartoons. The company making their cartons most likely has several folder carton gluers or may have an entire department dedicated to running the cartons through the system.