How The Two Main Types Of Selective Warehouse Pallet Rack Systems Can Benefit You

Posted on: 29 July 2020


Selective warehouse pallet rack systems are one of the most important forms of storage for the modern warehouse and have been for decades. These racks allow for multiple pallets to be stacked on top of each other, supported by racks, vertically. There are two main types of pallet rack systems that you can use.


One of the major types of pallet rack systems is the "roll-formed" type, where the racks are situated on vertical beams with tear-dropped shaped holes that allow for the easy movement of the horizontal rack layers. All selective racks allow for the materials being stored to be taken out at will with ease, and this is especially true for roll-formed racks. These allow people who are working with the racks to move them to adjust for various height differences, without having to take the entire structure apart. These racks are more popular, as they are both strong enough for most jobs and convenient. However, other pallet rack systems are stronger.


Structural pallet rack systems are those that have the horizontal layers fixed on the vertical beams with nuts and bolts, and therefore cannot be adjusted with a forklift. This system is more expensive and less convenient for warehouses that may have different heights of filled racks, but it's also much stronger. Not only can they carry more, since they are not meant to come apart often and can be built from thicker steel, but they also are more resistant to damage. These benefits are useful to warehouses that deal with heavy merchandise of very stable heights on pallets, such as metal or pipework. Structural racks can be incorporated into warehouse buildings as well.

Rack Supported Building

When structural pallet rack systems are made into the vertical support beams of a warehouse center, this creates a rack supported building. The increased strength and metal thickness afforded by structural pallet racks allow for the entire building to eschew the usual vertical beams and make use of the extra space. This option is useful for those who have the option of designing the warehouse itself and don't need the flexibility that roll-formed pallet racks offer. Plus, it ensures that you maximize both the space available and the integrity of your building over time. This option is more expensive but might be worth it depending on what you need.

There are many different types of warehouse pallet rack systems. You can have roll-formed systems, structural systems, and even rack supported buildings. The kind of pallet racks you will want will depend on the storage needs of your warehouse.