Tips When Purchasing A Fume Extraction Arm System For Welding

Posted on: 25 January 2021


If you're a professional welder, you probably deal with welding fumes a lot. They're dangerous and you don't want to be around them for long if you can help it, which makes it necessary to buy a fume extraction arm system. These can vary, but you'll be in an amazing place with fume extraction if you use these tips throughout your search.

Look For a Portable Design For Easy Movement

You may have welding locations that change all of the time. If you had a standalone fume extraction arm system, then you're pretty much stuck with where it's placed. However, you won't be stressed at all when your welding operations change if you go with a portable unit. There are wheels on the bottom that help you move this important welding device around where fumes collect around your work site. Once you find an optimal position, you can lock the wheels in place to keep the fume extraction arm system exactly where you need it.

Try Getting Highly Flexible Arm Motion 

In addition to having a portable fume extraction arm system, it's also important that this system has a highly flexible arm in terms of its movements. Then you can easily position the arm system at the right height, angle, and location. Some arm systems are more flexible in terms of how they move than others. A good precautionary measure to try is moving the arm on an extraction system in person. Then you'll know the range of movement you'll be working with every day. 

Make Sure High-Quality Filter Comes Equipped 

For this fume extraction arm system to work effectively, you need to have a high-quality filter set up that can effectively screen fumes and other airborne particles it collects. The filter may seem simple and minor, but it has a dramatic impact on the efficiency of this unit. If you went with a subpar filter, for example, you might get components in the arm system that don't hold up for very long. By investing in a high-quality filter, your fume extraction arm system won't face repeated or unnecessary breakdowns.

Buying a fume extraction arm system is an effective way to deal with fumes, making your welding operations and environment much safer overall. You want to get a system that has convenient and high-quality parts because then you'll be in a better position to reap a lot of amazing rewards from said system. Contact a company that provides fume extraction arm systems for more information.