4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Thread Gages

Posted on: 17 August 2021


When it comes to taking care of industrial equipment, you will have thread gages to take care of as well. To get as much use as possible out of thread gages, you need to know how to treat them right.

Way #1: Pay Attention to Temperature

With thread gages, you need to pay attention to the temperature that the thread gages are stored under, and you need to pay attention to what type of temperatures they are exposed to as well. You want to avoid exposing the thread gages to extreme temperatures, where they can expand and contract, and the integrity of the gages can be compromised. You want to store your gages in an area of your operations where they will not be exposed to temperature changes.

Way #2: Keep Things Clean

Second, you need to work to keep things clean. Any little bits of dirt or debris can compromise the integrity of your thread gages. When handling them, workers need to clean their hands first and should wear gloves. Even the oils on your hands can compromise the integrity of the gages.

When taking care of them, you need to work to keep them clean as well. Keeping the gages clean will help allow them to function longer.

Way #3: Lubricate Regularly

Third, you are going to want to lubricate your thread gages regularly. Regular lubrication will help to keep them working smoothly. It will also help to prevent corrosion on the pieces as well. With this type of equipment, you will want to use an easy-peel wax coating for the lubricant. This will keep things flowing and moving smoothly. Be sure to lubricate on a regular basis, and keep records of when you lubricate them. 

Way #4: Record Calibration

Fourth, you need to record the calibration that you do on your gages. Gages tend to lose calibration over time, which is why you need to recalibrate them regularly. This will allow you to keep them working accurately and will allow you to know when you need to replace a specific gage. Careful records will allow you to know when to replace your equipment. 

When it comes to working with thread gages, you need to treat them like a delicate piece of equipment. You need to keep them well lubricated and calibrated. You need to keep them clean and protect them from extreme temperatures. With the right care, you will be able to get lots of usage out of your thread gages before you need to replace them.