4 Reasons to Use an Ultrasonic Welding Device

Posted on: 11 October 2021


When it comes to choosing a welding method, you will want to choose the one that is best for your project. When it comes to welding methods, ultrasonic welding should be at the top of your list for strategies to use. It offers unique advantages you can't get from other methods.

Reason #1: Low Heat

The one big downside to welding is that it creates a lot of heat. That heat can cause distortions to the material that is being worked on. Those distortions tend to be more pronounced if the material has high thermal conductivity, especially in materials such as copper, gold, silver, and aluminum.

With ultrasonic welding, not as much temperature is generated. As it uses acoustic energy instead of thermal heat to create friction. This results in a lot less heat being generated, which means that the welded material doesn't get as distorted or damaged. That means that the product comes out more uniform, with more minor distortions than other methods.

Reason #2: Reduced Production Costs

Another reason to consider ultrasonic welding is that it doesn't cost as much to use this method to produce things. This method doesn't require the use of much of the adhesives, fasteners, and filler materials that are needed with other types of welding projects. Additionally, the machine itself uses less energy, which means that you will not experience high energy costs. Lower production costs can help you stick to your budget and increase your profit for selling each item.

Reason #3: Improved Seals

With ultrasonic welding, there is no need to use filler materials. The result of not using filler materials means that the joints that are created are very smooth. They are so smooth on many materials; it can be hard to spot them at all with the naked eye. It creates a visually appealing seal that works well when you need a weld on consumer-facing products that need to look good, such as food packaging.

Reason #4: Time Saving 

Finally, the ultrasonic welding process is designed to save time. It doesn't require any drying or curing time, which helps to speed up the overall production process. Additionally, it is an automated process, so you can set up everything and let the machine do all the hard work, just overseeing what is happening.

Ultrasonic welding can be highly beneficial when it comes to product creation. You can use it to create nearly invisible seals with minimal heat distortion. The overall process is designed to save both time and money compared to more traditional welding options. Learn more by contacting services like Plastic Welding.