Industrial Generator Selection

Posted on: 26 January 2022


Access to electricity will likely be necessary from the beginning of a construction project. If having a local power supply will be essential to operate one or more pieces of machinery, consider the following industrial generator types and how each one will be integrated into your work schedule.

Gas, Diesel, Or Propane

Industrial generators will require gas, diesel, or propane. Gas generators are cheaper than other industrial models. The emissions that gas produce and the dangers associated with storing gas in confined spaces are some details to consider. Diesel and propane generators are efficient. Diesel is a favorable fuel source that can generate a lot of power quickly.

Propane is typically a clean-burning fuel. It can be stored in a tank that is located above or below ground. Before choosing one type of generator, consider how you will acquire and store fuel. Compare prices and features of various generators. Plan on how many pieces of equipment you will hook up to a generator at any one time. If you will be using a generator to power up equipment indoors and outdoors, you may need access to a full-sized generator.

Marine Models

Marine generators can be installed indoors or outdoors. Since many marine activities may take place directly alongside a body of water, it is essential to choose a marine generator for any of your electrical needs. This type of equipment can withstand water exposure and be used within rugged atmospheres. Marine generators may not emit as many sparks as an industrial unit that is designed used on dry land or indoors. For this reason, a marine model can potentially be considered one of the safest industrial models available for purchase.

Towable And Portable Models

A towable generator is useful in outdoor environments where lighting is needed or in remote settings where a building project will be taking place. Towable models will require the use of a tow hitch and bar. Some large towable models contain full-sized wheels. The mechanical parts of this type of equipment are enclosed in an outer sheath similar to the exterior of a small trailer.

This type of model can be secured to a heavy-duty truck and transported across varying types of terrain. A portable generator is one that can fit inside the bed of a truck or can be stored within a cargo area of a work vehicle. The power output of the machines will vary based upon a machine's psi rating and the size of the equipment.

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