Industrial Tote Mixer — Key Features To Search For

Posted on: 26 April 2023


If you have substances that you need to prep in a tote, then you might consider investing in a tote mixer. It simplifies this process and gives you optimal results. Just make sure you find a tote mixer with the following features.

Low Weight Design

How much this tote mixer weighs is something you want to focus on because it will affect the performance of said mixing solution. Ideally, you want to go with a mixer that has a lightweight design because this will lead to less vibration and added longevity.

Conversely, if you got a tote mixer that weighed a lot, it would be subject to more force and also require a bigger motor, which makes the mixer more expensive. Fortunately, finding a tote mixer with a lightweight design is easy because all you have to do is look at the mixer's weight description online. 


If you plan to mix chemicals with an industrial tote mixer, then you need to make sure this solution is completely resistant to chemicals. 

If a tote mixer is chemical-resistant, the blades will be made from durable materials and probably have a protective coat on them as well. These are details you need to confirm before you check out with a supplier and set this mixer up in a chemical solution for automated mixing.

Reliable Clamp Mechanism

In order to use a tote mixer in an effective manner, you need to make sure its clamping mechanism is reliable and high quality. Then you'll have no issues securing this mixer to the side of your tote and mixing solutions until they have the right consistency.

Try to find a mixer that has a clamp made out of durable materials that is able to secure tightly to the side of your tote. You might look for a clamping mechanism that features rubber materials in particular. They will give you a firm grip, and then you can trust the mixer will remain put until you're finished using it. 

Any time you need to mix substances in totes, it's a good idea to use a tote mixer because it will simplify this process in a lot of ways. You'll be happy with this mixer for a long time if you get one that's strategically designed by a manufacturer. 

Reach out to a supplier near you to learn more about tote mixers, such as an IBC tote mixer